The Coopers Travel to Bristol, RI – Home of the Blues

What a thumping the traveling Coopers took (again) from the very good Bristol Blues. With a  belly full of deli, our 9 went down easily, not reaching first base until the  4th inning. However, the subs before game time were mighty good and Cooper  Philly Hill says he’ll make the trip again with the wife and kids to try the  large Italian sub with hots again. His team-mates pointed out that a sub almost  as good can be obtained on Station Street back at home.

Outfielder Philly Hill takes the heat in stride
Although Pitcher Rambo Melia kept Bristol’s batters on their toes, Hingham was downed 15 to 3 in only 7 innings of the most pitiful defense we’ve ever fielded.

After a rest and some big watermelon slices the Hingham Bats came to life in Game Two, quickly scoring 3 runs in the first inning. Hingham’s Steamboat Pyles bravely fought back after taking a wicked foul ball off his eye in Game One and the Coopers seemed to be a match for the Blues, finally. One Bristol commented, “Where did you guys come from?” This was high praise from these much younger wipper-snappers.

Then the rains came…
Time was called for twenty minutes and after the big rain, the Blues tied it up and went ahead as wet base balls and wet hands were too much for the Hingham defense. The Blues had taken the lead 9 to 7 when Hingham came up for the top of the fourth and the rain started again. Babe Green, leading off, took a swing on the third pitch and his bat slid from his hands, almost guillotining the head of Bristol pitcher Rusty Hayes, who laughed at the near miss.

…eventually the game was called in the top of the fourth and Bristol 9, Hingham 7 was the final.