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About Us

The Hingham Vintage Base Ball program was started in 2007 by the Hingham Historical Society’s Director and Derby pitcher Dot. Blood sweat and tears have gone into keep thing thing rolling. The years have passed but the friends have remained that way. Many is the Sunday afternoon we’ve sat together after a practice (or a beating) and enjoyed the quiet heat of a humid summer afternoon, tired and sweating but still talking about Base, this certain game of Ball. There are two teams in our little organization. The Mighty Derbies and the Underdog Coopers. The Derbies and the Coopers play each other each Independence Day holiday, competing for the Hingham Cup, a metal sort of old fruit bowl that seems to get lost every year. When we can, we hit the road and play other teams willing to throw us in the mix. In 2013, we’re trying to expand that list of games past four! Huzzah!

Third Base is around here somewhere. Just hit it.

Third Base is around here somewhere. Just hit it.


The Godfather¬†….IMG_1406



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