Maddog Bob Madden’s Return to the Field

“Maddog’s chatter and singing birds: That’s how you know it’s spring.”Bartholomew Dorchester Nesbit

That’s right folks, Maddog Bob Madden returned to the field yesterday …after a year on the D.L…, showing lightning speed on his new knee.

The perennial never-misses-a-practice, Manager of the Coopers and Driver of the Winnebago, Rambo Artie Melia, the First Cooper to bleed on the field, was in attendance as well.

Nails Bob Ullman arrived in shape and game ready and played a hell of a center field. Nails found a tick on his sock and we were again reminded of the dangers of Lyme disease but this paranoid reporter.

The Proverbial Derby, Pistol Pete Dickason, was in form in both play and wit and pitched a decent length of batting practice, going sub mariner several times (his signature pitch).

Hoser Kevin Bliss hit a few decent shots in batting practice, losing us two balls into the woods. The balls made that high-in-the-canopy echoing crack before disappearing from sight.

Irish Eyes Murphy was fleet of foot and showed excellent glove in the outfield and good wood at the plate.

The Commissioner, B. Dorchester Nesbit was hobbling a bit on what appears to be the same Achilles tendon seen on the “Predator” creatures in the movie of the same name. Although he’ll be using a pinch runner early in the season, the injury has apparently forced him to actually use his hips when swinging and thus, he ripped the ball several times in BP. (It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there).

Steamer Bill Pyles was in shape and in shorts on that reasonably cold Sunday afternoon. He pitched a good amount of batting practice and got me to swing and miss at least three times.
That makes nine attendees, including yours truly. Not a bad showing for the first day out, on a crappy weather day and on short notice.

Please remember that we’ll practice, until you say uncle, every Sunday at 4:30 PM over at Derby Academy.

During torrential rains, please report instead to the Snug, where we will wait out the rain or have a drink (probably both).

Kindest Regards,

Babe Green

Assistant to the Commissioner